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This information is designed to combat and treat MRSA

MRSA is a type of bacterial infection that is resistant to a number of widely used antibiotics. This means it can be more difficult to treat than other bacterial infections.

Antibiotic resistance to MRSA can occur in several ways.

Strains of bacteria can mutate and over time become resistant to a specific antibiotic.

Alternatively, if you are treated with an antibiotic, it can destroy many of the harmless strains of bacteria that live in and on the body. This allows resistant bacteria to quickly multiply and take their place.

The overuse of antibiotics in recent years has played a major part in antibiotic resistance. This includes using antibiotics to treat minor conditions that would have got better anyway or not finishing a recommended course of antibiotics.


MRSA infections are more common in people who are in hospital or nursing homes. Doctors often refer to this as healthcare-associated MRSA (or HA-MRSA). It can be an infection of the skin.

Hospital patients are more at risk because:

They often have an entry point for the bacteria to get into their body, such as a surgical wound, burn or a intravenous drip (a tube used to give fluids directly into a vein).
They are usually older and weaker, which makes them more vulnerable to infection.

They are surrounded by a large number of people, which means bacteria can easily spread through direct contact with other patients or staff or contaminated surfaces. It can be hard to find a mrsa treatment. You need to learn mrsa treatment guidelines.

More recently, MRSA has been known to develop outside hospitals and nursing homes. This is known as community-associated MRSA (or CA-MRSA). It is more common in crowded environments where there is frequent skin-to-skin contact and hygiene is poor, such as homeless shelters or army bases.



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